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WordPress Maintenance Package

WordPress Maintenance Package

Staying on top of the latest updates and security warnings is a job for a professional.

Our WordPress Maintenance Package keeps your website up-to-date and secure with on-going security screenings. Every month we will perform any necessary updates to your website's code, databases, and plugins to keep it safe from malicious activity.

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Packages

Maintenance Support For Your WordPress Website

Maintaining your WordPress website on a regular basis is critical to keeping your website running smoothly and secure. Major problems can occur when a website is not properly maintained.

If you're not maintaining your website on a regular basis, you can become a victim of hack attacks, performance issues and even a complete website crash.

Our WordPress Maintenance Package is a support package that keeps your website up-to-date, performing at it's best, backed up and secure - saving you from expensive repairs in the future.

Peace Of Mind WordPress Package

Peace of Mind.

Our WordPress Maintenance Package eliminates stress and the hassle of having to find time in your already busy schedule to maintain your website and offers you the peace of mind knowing that your site is secure from hackers, that we always have a backup of your website and if massive failure were to ever occur, we could get your website back up and running in record speed.

Would you drive your car without ever changing the oil?
Lack of regular maintenance is the #1 reason why a website experiences trouble. Just like your car, regular maintenance is critical to keep your site healthy, safe and performing smoothly.

Imagine This For A Moment...

  • Your website got hacked and all of your content was replaced with spam links and ads.
  • Your website crashed and you lost everything - all of your content, gone!
  • People visit your website are immediately greeted by a message telling them your website isn't secure anymore.

Would you know how to fix it? 
Plan A:  Spend days searching google, trying to learn how to fix a broken website only to have to relearning it again every month.

Plan B:  You could just let the experts handle it for you!

You already have a hectic schedule and way too much on your plate - so let's go with Plan B and let us handle everything for you! 

Our WordPress Maintenance Packages gives you the peace of mind knowing we've got everything handled so you can focus on growing your business!

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A Team You Can Trust!

Imagine how secure you'd feel knowing you always had an army standing behind you, protecting you. That's exactly what our WordPress Maintenance Package offers you - support, security and protection!

Our team becomes your team. Every month we will be there to protect your website, keeping it updated, backed up and secure.

Monthly WordPress Updates Include

Update Framework & Code

Update Database & Files

Update WordPress Core

Update Theme Version

Update Plugins

Fix Update Bugs/Issues

Security Monitoring

Performance Reports

Keep Your Website
Protected & Secure


No long term contract, cancel anytime. 

Monthly retainer fee will be billed automatically every month.