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Ashley Dixon is the creator and founder of 6 Months To $100K and the CEO of Unforgettable Web Designs & Marketing and Live The Life of Your Dreams International, three companies dedicated to providing entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketing professionals the tools they need to grow and succeed in business.

She doesn’t just talk the talk – she walks the walk! Ashley has been called “the secret weapon” behind hundreds of successful businesses that range from solo-entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar corporations in a variety of industries. Her diverse and comprehensive background is what sets her apart and allows her to provide a solid foundation of proven and tested strategies, in-depth trainings, must-have tools and crucial systems that launch her clients into success quickly.

Ashley has a passion for helping others live fuller lives. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone when she took that passion and combined it with her extensive experience in marketing to build the online business training courses that she now offers to clients all over the world.

Many ask how she does it. Ashley started her entrepreneurial journey with the mission to build a business that revolved around her life, and not a life that revolved around her business. As much as she loves business – God and Family always come first, travel second, and then… business.

Ashley is married to the love of her life, Mike, who she calls her prince charming. She is also a mother to an incredibly talented and amazing daughter named Emma. Together they have traveled all over the world, inspiring others to live the life of their dreams as well. It’s safe to say, if Ashley is not in the office, she is probably on a beach somewhere tropical.

Every day Ashley focuses on one thing – making a difference in someone’s life. She says it’s her way of changing the world. It’s her love for God, family and business that makes working with her completely transformational and life changing.

It’s these same priorities that she instills upon her clients, not only does she guide them in building an incredibly successful business, she insist that they find their passion so they too can live the life of their dreams.


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